I’m A Godmother

Nothing makes me more happy than witnessing the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In college I was too immature to realize that his hand was over me the whole time.  Sure, I believed and prayed, but I did not truly understand “everything happens for a reason.”


With that being said, I met my best friend Ashley my second year of college.  She was thin, blonde, full of life and perfect.  I hated her instantly.  After I let my guard down, better known as insecurity, I got to know Ashley and from then on, we were a force to be reckoned with.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 2.51.08 PM

We did everything together.


We partied, shopped, went to football games, made fun of sorority girls (sorry, my other best friend was in a sorority and we had tons of friends in sororities so I’m not quite sure why we did this part) and worked out together.


Ash was and has been in my life for so long.  We lived together and have been through many life experiences together. Our first “real” jobs, our first “real” firing, our first “real” life decision we were there, together.


As close as we were, we still did things on our own.


I got married at 25 when she wasn’t even thinking marriage.  She had a big time career while I was getting a store up and running.  Through it all we have remained REALLY close.  I may have gotten married first but after her first year of marriage she got pregnant.  We always said we’d do this together, but secretly I wanted her to do it first.  I knew she would tell me the real deal holyfield.  She made it look so beautiful and so perfect.  She never complained and was happy the whole time.  She was the first person that really made me want to get pregnant and have a baby.  She exercised her whole pregnancy and never skipped a beat.  She was still going out to late dinners, concerts and traveling.  She, again, became my hero.  So many women complain the whole time and make it sound horrible, but not my Ash.  She handled it like a champ.


I was with her the weekend before she gave birth and from behind, you couldn’t even tell she was pregnant.  She was beautiful.  After she gave birth to Jiavanna, she became an even better version of herself.  I have never seen her with so much patience! Ha! She’s an amazing mother.  She makes it look effortless.  Sure, like any mother, she has her moments, but her gracefulness makes me even more in awe of her.  I knew things changed when Jia was born and I also knew how much Jia meant to her.  When she asked me to be Jia’s godmother, I couldn’t have been more honored.  I literally cried.  I cried for 2 reasons.  One, because of the love I feel for Jia and the fact that I get to be a special part of her life forever gives me the chills and two, because that showed me how much Ashley still treasured our friendship.  Not that there was ever a question, but to entrust your child with someone else is the ultimate.


On Saturday May 31, 2014 we christened Jia before family and closest friends.  It was such a special day and one I will never forget.  That day we witnessed the hand of God.  That day was so pure and full of love.  Now I know that the day God put Ashley and I in each other’s life was also pure and full of love.  It’s just taken me this long to realize it.





2 thoughts on “I’m A Godmother

  1. You are a beautiful person Angie inside and out. I Iove your laugh, your energy, the way ash talks about you, and most of all your graduation pic that I wake up to frequently. You will be the best Godmother on the planet and an even better mother one day.



    The Other Ash HAlf


  2. Nick, thank you so much for your special words. That means so much to me. I love you so much even if I can’t ever live down the horrid haircut. Ha! xoxo


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