Crazy or Not Crazy?

Well I’m at it again and for good reason.  I’m starting to believe that maybe I am obsessed with the Kardashians.  Maybe I was in denial.  I talk to the girls and they tell me it’s like a train wreck.  You just can’t stop looking.  I’m assuming it’s their way of making me feel better.  I don’t know.


It’s gotten so bad that now even John is hooked.  The other day I walked into the TV room and he was reading an US weekly with Kimye on the cover.  (Sorry babe)  If that’s not enough, he always sends me links to what he reads on MailOnline.  I had to share the most recent thing he sent.  I mean it’s just too good.  They wonder why we have these “perceptions” about them.  Well here goes.


In the latest Kim news, there is apparently this new thing called “loub job”.


I have NEVER heard of this and I deal with shoes and feet on a daily basis.  WTHELLLLLLL is this?  Good question.  It’s a surgery where they suck the fat out of your feet so that you can fit into certain types of shoes.


Ok folks.  I have been known to sacrifice comfort for looks but I have NEVER and I mean NEVER heard of such.  Can she not buy a bigger size or even just wear another shoe?  All the shoes out there and you have to go to extremes for this?  I am DYING to see what this shoes looks like.  (It better be the most amazing shoe EVER.) Do you have nothing else to do with your time or money?  I know the answer but good God.  You can’t donate to charity with the spare money?  You can’t have a custom shoe made for your feet with ALL that money. You have to suck fat out of your toes?  I will say the pics of her pregnant and her swollen feet are enough to agree with her decision but I’ve been told that swelling goes down after you deliver and loose weight.


Am I wrong?  I sure hope not because I have a lot of shoes that I am not willing to part with.  Please don’t say I can’t buy new ones to replace the ones that don’t fit.  I will always buy new shoes but I want to keep the old ones too.  I consider myself a collector folks.  With that being said, I have and will do most anything to try and make a shoe work or outfit come alive, but this my friends, is even too out there for me.

I HAVE to know what you guys think.  Crazy or not?



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