Trip to DASH

I know it seems like I’m obsessed with the Kardashians. I assure you I am not. I do, however, keep up with them. They are fun to watch and see what all they do. It’s like a fantasy. The cars, the CLOTHES, the jewels, the trips. I’m also intrigued by how famous they are and none of them really did anything before. Sure their dad represented O.J. Simpson, but besides the sex tape, what did any of the others do? It wasn’t until AFTER the show was a hit that they got into clothing lines and doing appearances. In fairness, Kendall is a high fashion model and seems to be pretty good at it. So where am I going with all of this Kardashian talk?


Well, as most of you know, 3 (not 4) sisters have clothing boutiques. There’s one in Los Angeles on Melrose, one in Miami and one in New York.  I’ve always heard of people standing in line to get in and how the Dash store was going to be one of their stops while visiting one of these places.  I have NEVER and I mean NEVER wanted to go to one. Primarily because it would be like a tourist trap. So this past weekend I was in Miami and a good friend of mine (who also keeps up) wanted to go to the Dash store. I was mortified. Was she serious? I’m not going to lie, I was a little curious and the fact that SHE brought it up made it “ok” for me to visit the boutique. Before going to the store, we first dropped some doe in intermix. For those of you that don’t know about intermix, I apologize in advance for all the money you want and will spend. They have all the best designers and are on point as far as trends. Thank God there is not one near me because I would be dead broke. So keeping in mind that we shopped first at a trendy, FASHIONABLE, stylish store, we then decide to venture to the Dash store. Immediately upon arrival, the place is packed and just like I predicted, with tourist. So many people were taking photos and there was a ton of the own promo stuff in there. Books, posters, chapsticks, even Rob’s socks (Which I did buy 2 pairs. Ha! What can I say they were cute)! As a should-be-professional-shopper, always on the hunt for the next amazing piece, I started scanning their racks to find something amazing. I scanned and scanned and scanned and scanned. Do you see where I’m going with this? IT WAS TERRIBLE!! I mean TERRIBLE! I was SHOCKED. These girls are supposed to be into fashion. These girls have their own fashion line. These girls are at runway shows and being invited to the MET gala. These girls get photographed every day, yes sometimes questionable things, but most of the time, wearing fashion. What in the world is this store? It is in fact a tourist trap. Apparently it works. Hell, I even bought the socks aka souvenir. But what about the girls, like me, that truly want to see fashion?  What about the girls that truly want to go in a buy something they can actually wear what’s on trend? Well I tell you what about those girls. They can go next door to intermix. Just like the Kardashians. That’s right, when we went back to buy more things because now we had money left over because we didn’t buy anything at dash, we told the associates it was terrible. They absolutely agreed and told us that when the Kards are in town, they shop at (wait for it) INTERMIX. Yeah that’s right. Remember that photo taken of the line of people lined up outside what was “their” store when they were there waiting in line to get in? That picture was actually taken while they were inside shopping at Intermix. Crazy, huh? I wasn’t going to take pictures and look like a tourist myself, but after the store was so terrible, I had to snap a few shots of the store so I could blog about it. Even as I was trying to leave, I had to wait at the front door while a girl with a romper that was way too short and tight took like 28 selfies of her at the door. If that wasn’t enough, my friend Angela was being bombarded outside by people asking her to take their pictures. Can’t a girl just drink her diet coke in peace? Geez. Here’s some pics of the store and my friend Angela in front of the sign.  I mean after all those photos she took she deserved to be in one! Ha!

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1


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