Summer Braid Tutorial

Scan anybody’s boards on Pinterest and you’re bound to find a pin or two with braids. This pretty trend has been spotted all over catwalks and red carpets and it’s no surprise that it’s the hottest hair trend since ombre.

braid tutorial

Girls are wearing it to prom and YouTube has been blowing up with tutorials. Braids are effortless and fun. Some of the most wanted braid looks are really easy to create so when I decided I needed some tips, I went to the braid queen herself, Trish, at the Beauty Shop.

braid tutorial

I told her I wanted easy breezy. With my busy schedule, I wanted something that took no time at all. I also wanted styles that I could do on days I didn’t have time to wash my hair, but still look put together. The great thing about braids is that they’re diverse, pretty, sexy and classy. They’re practical for keeping your hair out of your face yet chic enough to wear out to dinner with friends.

braid tutorial

Before you get started creating your own look, make sure you have plenty of bobby pins in different sizes, clear elastic bands to give your braid a sleek finish and of course, hair spray. Those are your must haves. After that, it totally depends on what you’re feeling that day.

braid tutorial

Trish and I scanned Pinterest and came up with 2 different looks that fit my lifestyle and personality. The first is perfect for those hot, brutal, humid days we have in Georgia. It looks difficult but honestly took 5 minutes.

braid tutorial

braid tutorial

braid tutorial

The second took a little longer because we used the wand to curl some of my hair but it’s perfect for the casual boho look I wanted. I can do this with jeans (which I did) or maxis. Don’t be afraid to experiment and the messier the better. “Messy” is in big time. The more thrown together and undone, the cooler it looks.

braid tutorial

braid tutorial braid tutorial

Scan Pinterest and magazines to find looks that are perfect for you. Still stuck? Call the Beauty Shop and ask for Trish. She’s sweet, patient and knows her braids. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!


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