George Clooney is Engaged!

Well well well. Look who’s getting married. Would you have ever guessed it? George Clooney.

george clooney engaged

Yup, he’s finally decided that as awesome as it was to be able to have anything you’ve ever wanted, it’s not as enjoyable unless you have someone to share it with. After all those models, athletes, actresses and waitress, he finally picked the one with the brains. I’m not saying all those other girls weren’t smart, I’m just saying brains always wins.

george clooney engaged

It’s the most attractive thing a person can have. Trust me. I married brains. I just lucked out that he was hot too. How many times have you met someone and thought, “Damn they’re hot” only to be disappointed when they opened their mouth? There’s nothing more annoying than a person with no brains.

I myself am happy for the fellow. Leave it to the tabloids and common folks alike to break down this poor girl. People are already saying how she’s not that pretty and what does she have that the others didn’t. This is what I know. No matter who he would have married, we would have all talked about her. She’s too thin, she was a waitress, she’s this, she’s that. Nothing would have sufficed.  This girl is probably loving all the talk. She’s probably thinking, “ Yeah please put my resume out there for all to see. I’ve worked my ass off for that”. Hell, I would too. She’s a lawyer who received degrees not only from Oxford but from New York School of Law. She now specializes in international law, human rights, extradition and criminal law. Wow, that’s a mouth full. She’s also been appointed to a number of UN commissions. Yeah I think this girl has got it going on. I’m not arguing with her. Ha!


So while everyone is saying she got herself a catch, I’m arguing the other side and saying HE got himself a catch. She’s smart, pretty and successful all on her own. You go girl. Time will tell whether this Hollywood romance will last. In the meantime, I wish them all the best and much happiness.


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