Top 5 Summer Vacay Staples

School is coming to an end for the year and you know what that means…VACATION TIME. We’ll be packing our bags, fueling our cars and heading out of town. Since I travel quite a bit, there are several things I just can’t leave town without. So what are they?

TOP 5 vacation essentials

Well for starters, no summer vacay is complete without the perfect flops. Sam Edelman’s Romy are perfect for me because I still want the height but don’t want to sacrifice the comfort of easy breezy flip flops. They’re also great to pack because they don’t take up much room.  I can literally wear these to the pool with my swimsuit and then to dinner with my dresses.


I’ll need a lightweight bag that can transition as easily as the flops. I take this Bali handbag on the plane and pack it full of water, snacks, books and magazines. Then when I get where I’m going, I put my sunscreen, hat and towel for the pool/beach. I also don’t have to worry about this bag cutting off circulation in my shoulder because it weighs nothing.


Books are a must have on any vacay. You always have down time so it’s good to be prepared. I love books that I can’t put down. If the book is that good, I can literally read it in one day. Books I’m reading now are The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty, The Silent Wife by Asa Harrison, and Ross Mathews, Man Up (because no vacation is complete without a laugh out loud book).


I also NEVER leave home without my Emergen-C vitamin C pack. After traveling thru airports or being exposed to different people or even climate change, I want to be sure my body is ready to fight any and all germs. The last thing I want is to be sick on or after my vacation.

emergen-c vitamin c pack

The last item I’ll be packing I am never without. It’s the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. If you haven’t heard of it or tried it get ready to live.  It’s by far the best product, EVER. I discovered it years ago and now it’s my staple. I’ve gotten several friends equally as addicted and we’ve never looked back. It keeps your lips so moisturized and hydrated. The best part is, you don’t have to keep applying over and over like other chapsticks.

FRESH LIPS chapstick treatment

I hope you guys go someone fun this summer. If you have a life staple that I must try, PLEASE let me know.  I would love to hear and safe travels!



2 thoughts on “Top 5 Summer Vacay Staples

  1. Hi Angie!

    Not sure if I can even reply to your blog but wanted to let you know how much I’ve been enjoying reading it! Had to reply today because I LOVE the bag and flops you posted with your blog! Please save me a bag and flops in size 8 to 8-1/2(if they come in half sizes) as this would be perfect “Mother’s Day” gift for me haha! My girls are always asking me what they can get me and I can’t ever think of anything I want or need but now I know! Also would love to know where to get the lip balm since all of us Jordans are addicted to Chapstick!

    Anyway, congratulations on successful blog! Please let me know if you got this reply or not? I may go ahead and copy it to you as a text just in case this ends up lost somewhere in cyber space!

    Thanks! Kelly 😉

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Kelly you are so sweet. You honestly made my day! I have that bag in the back for you and we have the shoes in black. We are reordering the others so hopefully will be in for Mother’s Day. Thanks for being my day maker today. You have no idea the feeling you’ve given me. xoxo-Angie


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