Africa, Mexico and Other Travels

John and I love to travel.  That is actually one of the things we have in common.  Although what we like to do when we get there might be slightly different. Ha!

luggage tags

My father always told me from a young age to see the world.  No matter what I do, go travel.  There’s so much more out there than your surroundings he would say (in his little Puerto rican accent). LOL.  I have truly been blessed to see so much.  I have traveled near and far.  I’ve been to Bali, Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Greece, France, Italy, Mexico and tons of the Caribbean Islands.  Well let’s just say I’ve been around.


Some of course have meant more to me than others.  For example, nothing can nor will ever compare to Africa.  For those of you that have been you know what I’m talking about.  I feel like Every. Single. American. should travel to Africa.  Maybe then will everyone realize how truly blessed they are to live in the United States of America.  The people are amazing and the land is beyond anything in my wildest dreams.  I cannot believe places like that still exist in a world of iPhones and selfies.  Those people have NOTHING and yet manage to be the happiest people I have ever come across.  I could go on and on about Africa for days.


Not all trips are that meaningful.  Some trips are meant to be taken simply for rest and relaxation to recharge, regroup and refocus.  This past week was John’s birthday and he wanted to get away for a few days.  We hopped on a plane and went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  What a treat.  We ate good food, soaked up some sun and brought home a few extra pounds of unwanted weight.  Ha!


I believe we need get aways like this we so we can come back focused and ready to conquer our day to day routines.  It’s also good for the soul.  If you get a chance take a mini vacay, get out of town and clear your head.  It’s doesn’t have to be far or fancy just somewhere new to stimulate your mind.  Either you go for rest and rejuvenation or you go for adventure.  Either way, you GO.  Do it for yourself.  Here’s a few pics from our trip.  I hope you enjoy them.











Upload some of your pics from recent vacays to our facebook page here or comment below with ideas of where we should go next.  I’m always looking for a new adventure!


2 thoughts on “Africa, Mexico and Other Travels

  1. You need to go to the Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa. Those islands belong to Spain and it’s where my great-grandfather on my mom’s side came from. She was always telling me that if she could, that’s where she would go to.


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