National Grilled Cheese Month

I’m sorry. Is April national GRILLED CHEESE month? Where have I been and how am I just finding out about this? If you can’t tell I LOVE grilled cheese. I mean LOVE. I can make a mean grilled cheese too. Just ask my husband. When we had the “snowmaggedon” I made grilled cheeses every night. So what does it take to make a perfect grilled cheese?

National Grilled Cheese Month- Foxcroft DOC

I think the secret is in the bread. You may argue with me, but let’s get serious. The bread is where it’s at. I love cheese so I’m not trying to dis the cheese. Can you argue between a fresh baked speciality bread and a processed, wrapped in plastic, sitting on the shelf for weeks bread? I don’t think so. One of my favorite breads to use is the Publix freshly baked multigrain in the bakery section. YUM! Trust me on this one.


 Some of the cheeses get better with age. You can basically throw any cheese on that perfect oven baked goodness and perfection has just been made.

Now for those of you that like to get crazy, you can throw all sorts of things on a grilled cheese. Onions, marinara sauce, olives, sundried tomatoes. Oh, it sounds like I’m making a pizza. LOL.


Well in honor of grilled cheese month, my new favorite month, I am going to pin on our board some new grilled cheese recipes I have found.  Try them and let me know which are your favorite. I can’t wait to go home and whip up an ooey gooey grilled cheese. Enjoy!

national grilled cheese month


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