Heel Height Guide

How our feet feel affects our mood. A new pair can make us walk taller and confident just how an uncomfortable pair can make us cranky! Perks of boutiques like ours is the custom attention we are able to provide our customer versus what we call, Big Box retail stores. A FAQ we repetitively hear is, “What is the best heel height?” We decided to create a handy little guide for you to use so you can do more tall walking than grumpy walks!

First rule to thumb (or should we say big toe?):

Have you ever noticed that friends can rock a trend you can’t and vice versa? Similar to how trends are not one size fits all, so goes the reality that not all heel shapes work in all heights.

Before hitting the shoe racks, asses your closet. Start from that pair you already own that always seems to be the perfect height. Get out your ruler and measure from the middle. This is going to be on the back of the shoe through to the top of the heel cap. (Remember to add 1/2 centimeter later for the heel cap).

But what if you are a flats kind of girl like Sam Edelman’s Felicia? Just remember that flats do not always equate to comfy. Remember the mileage you tend to put on those.

sam edelman felicia gold flat

2 inch heel

If the balls of your feet tend to ache easily, perhaps you should try the kitten heel. These are typically 2″ but if you are going to be on your feet all day, we recommend a 1 1/2″ kitten heel with slingback to add a chic look to your low heel and no big deal!

2 inch heel sandal

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unlisted kind deed kitten heel

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3 inch heel:

On average, the 3″ heel is the classic height for most. It’s perfect for all day at the office and then straight to the soccer field. There also tends to be several types of heels that work well in the 3″ range including the block heel or wedge. We recommend Jessica Simpson’s Marionn.

jessica simpson marionn 3 inch heel

4 inch heel:

Girls that like to go out on the town can be seen in the guaranteed head-turner, the 4” heel. Chinese Laundry’s La Paz is the perfect example. It does come with a price and high angle. Look for a toe platform to balance out that steep slope like the Nicole La Rue below.

chinese laundry tribal lapaz heel

nicole la rue block heel

4.5 inch heel:

Step right up into the 4.5″ heel who most would identify as “the stiletto”. Again, look for a toe platform like the below Seychelles wedge to add stability.

sam edelman make it snappy platform wedge

6 inch heel:

A 6” heel is the perfect height for perfect feet but should be left for the pros. If you want to take a stab at it but don’t have your confidence, find a shoe with a large toe platform for stability and to decrease angle removing added pressure to the balls of your feet. This will not be enough though. You have to know how to walk in them!

1. Sit down by a sturdy object when putting on your shoes

2. Hold onto the sturdy object for support when first standing

3. While standing in place, rock back and forth shifting your weight so they can meet their new match!

4. Take a normal, short step from heel to toe.

Practice, practice, practice….except for stairs. Shift from “toe to heel” gear when going down. Going up? Place your foot flat down and stomp up!

chinese laundry jumpdrive wedge

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