Do you ever hear a song on the radio and it takes you right back to a memory? This happened to me the other day on my way home from Atlanta. Hootie and the Blowfish “ Hold my Hand” came on and the next thing you know I was right back in high school. Cruising in my Hyndai Scoupe with the windows down and sunroof open.

Not sure if I was going to a friends or soccer practice but it took me right back to sitting in that car. Then I started thinking, would I want to go back to high school? The answer to that is H E double hockey sticks NO.

Let me back up. I may consider it under these conditions:

1. IF I could bring with me the current wisdom age affords you


2) If I could apologize to anyone my immaturity negatively affected.


Other than that- NO! I actually love being in my thirties….well mostly. No, I don’t like the fact that I no longer get carded (something that used to drive me crazy) considering I now beg to be carded. I also wish I could drop weight easier. Remember all those drop 5 pounds in 5 days SlimFast shakes? Ha! The biggest thing about being in my thirties that makes me feel my age, is when I play soccer. I used to be one of the youngest females. Now I’m going up against girls that have just graduated college, geez! My body screams, “I’m no longer 25” when I play! This is the first year I’ve actually felt my age on the fields. I do have to brag about one night, after a game, I was walking off with one of the opposing female players. We were just chit chatting, mostly about the game. She kept saying how old she was and expressing the same feeling I mentioned before. I noticed she had a child so I thought to myself, well maybe she is older. She mentioned it one too many times so I finally said, “ Well how old are you?”  She said 26. I started laughing and said “Girl, I’m 35!” She said, “ No way! You don’t look it or play like it!” I guess you could say my night was made. I definitely am feeling it and I’m sure my teammates would probably agree, LOL.


Everything else about my 30s I LOVE. I love how secure I am with myself. If things in my 20’s happened to me now, my reaction and feeling would be entirely different. I cringe at the thought of how I handled certain things. You live and learn. So 20 something girls, you wait and see. Those “problems” you have now will be irrelevant later. I know because I had the same “problems”. There were times I thought the world was ending. It’s true when they say, “When you get my age…”!  As much as I have days of realization that I am no longer in my 20’s, I am happy for life’s journey and where it has taken me (the Hootie and the Blowfish nostalgic flashbacks are just enough). So ladies, age gracefully, don’t sweat the small stuff and ALWAYS smile. No outfit is complete without it!




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