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Holy Yeezus! We can’t get enough of Kim and Kanye. Or can we? The recent Vogue cover has stirred up quite the controversy.


Some have even gone as far as to questions Anna Wintour’s motive. You know her best as the Devil Wears Prada. That’s right. For those of you that don’t know, the editor in chief of Vogue had an assistant that left and wrote a “fictional” tale that has become a phenomenon. That editor in chief is Anna Wintour and she has been under a lot of fire for her recent choice for the cover of Vogue. I am not going to lie, I keep up with the Kardashians. I’m not going to say I love the Kardashians because that would be false but I do keep up with them. Why do I do this? Well it really is entertaining and mindless. I like to see where they go, what they’re buying and what outrageous thing they’re into now. I also like to make fun of them. All their “problems” are plain stupid if you as me. They make BIG deals out of nothing even though I could argue the case that we all do.


But back to the most recent Vogue cover; WOW, did it get some conversation about nothing going. I feel like everyone has been weighing in on their opinion so of course I need to as well, right? Not all have been bad. Some have been in Kimye’s favor. Let me remind you that Kanye is full of himself.  Google anything about the rapper and you will get his many outrageous quotes including the following.



And that in a nutshell is Kanye West my friends. Kanye is also trying to be a “high end” designer. Trying being the key word. He called out Nike and Louis Vuitton because Nike wouldn’t give him royalties (something he thinks he deserves) and Louis Vuitton because they wouldn’t meet with him. To be fair, I can see his point about Nike. After all he did sell a shoe called the Yeezus Air and probably should get some sort of kick back from it since they do sell for $265 a pair. I think Nike could come off some for Mr. West.


I cannot see his point, however, about my beloved Louis Vuitton. First of all, they’re Louis Vuitton. They don’t need Kanye. Second, they’re Louis Vuitton. When turned down for an appointment, he went off stating no one buys Louis Vuitton in January in New York.  Ummm…ok? So you get the picture.


Kim is something else entirely. My opinion of her has changed since hooking up with Kanye because let’s face it, who dates a person like Kanye? Keeping everything in mind, you can imagine the uproar when the bible of fashion decided to feature these two. Jeremy Scott, designer of Moschino, said “To me Vogue is nothing but a tabloid magazine”. Ouch. Then he went on to say that Kim looked beautiful. I call that a dig without digging. Rachel Zoe didn’t seem to have a problem with it in her most recent statement claiming she likes them both and they are probably very excited about it. DUH. Other celebs were not cautious to state their true opinion. Sarah Michelle Gellar, (Buffy the vampire slayer), took to twitter and said “Well…I guess I’m canceling my Vogue subscription. Who’s with me?” Over 5,500 followers retweeted with another 7,500 favoring it.


Nikki Finke, an ex blogger for Deadline, tweeted the issue should come with a barf bag while fashion blogger Liam Calderone said Kim Kardashian and Vogue shouldn’t be put in the same sentence.


In the past, Vogue covers were reserved for models with 1 or 2 issues out of 12 featuring an actress or celebrity. Now you can flip flop and reverse it. The last time a model graced the cover was Kate Upton in June 2013 and before that was Gisele in April 2010.



So you can understand the fashion experts and fashion addicts disapproval. However, isn’t it about selling magazines? Or is it? This magazine will probably go down as one of Vogue’s Top 5 best sellers. Maybe Anna Wintour does know what she’s doing. After all, she has been the editor in chief since 1988.  Let’s also remember that some of the most controversial covers have become the most iconic.  Remember naked and pregnant Demi Moore on Vanity Fair’s cover?  How about Yoko Ono and John Lennon on the cover of Rolling Stones in their birthday suit? I’m not saying this will be as iconic. That part remains to be seen. In the mean time, Kimye remains in Anna’s words on the cover itself, #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple.

What are your thoughts because we can’t get enough of this topic right now. Please leave a comment to get the conversation going…because it has already started!

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