He’s A Smooth Operator

What do you want to be when you grow up? A commonly asked question that often results in a doctor, lawyer, or firefighter.  Well my husband, John, actually followed his childhood dream and became a doctor. So on National Doctors Day, I am going to brag about my doc.


I naively thought all doctor were created equal until I married one. Let me back up a bit. When all of us were in college partying or skipping class, John was at the library. When we were on spring break or studying abroad, John was in the library. Nothing, I mean nothing, not even doubters, was going to keep John from being accepted into medical school. John knew he would be a doctor. I realize now that he was called to be one. A gift like that only comes from above. He didn’t do it for the money nor for the bragging rights, he did it to change peoples lives. He did it because he was meant to. His discipline is unlike any I have seen. He has never called in sick nor has he ever showed up to work late. He makes sure he gets to bed at a decent hour. (Something that used to drive me insane). He used to tell me he had all those families relying on him to take care of them. Now I get it. John is a healer sent from God. He gives people back their life.


What makes John a good doctor is he understands what he does which at times, has huge advantages. He can clearly explain procedures to his patients. He also understands it to the point that he is efficient, fast and precise. What normally takes a surgeon in his speciality 3 hours, takes John 1 to 1 ½ hours to complete. Why is that important? Less time under anesthesia means less risk for a patient. He even has patents on some of the devices he’s used in surgery. So he created something that not only helps him help the patient but helps the patient overall. He’s a smooth operator if I say so myself!

Let’s talk about his patients. They love him. They can’t say enough about him. They constantly are referring him patients and tell him how he got their life back. Not only do patients do the referring, but others in the healthcare profession including other doctors do as well. That speaks volumes. Nothing brings me more joy than a customer coming in the store and telling me how much my husband helped them. Melts my heart. I’ve always been attracted to brains, but I lucked out with this one.  He’s not only smart AND good looking, but a daymaker too. He not only makes their day by getting their quality of life back, but he manages to always make my day too. I am so so proud of him and proud to call him mine.


Happy Doctors’ Day baby!  And remember, I married the good looking one. Ha!




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