How Do I Wear These Shoes?

Trends come and go but one question remains the same, “How do I wear these shoes?” No matter how long you’ve been in business, you will always get this question. Look, I get it. I myself ask this question on certain things. We all want to make sure we are wearing the current trends “correctly” and we all need approval. As women, we will wear that approval like a badge of honor. So in honor of the never ending question, “How do I wear this?”, I have asked my good friend and co-owner of Council Nashville, Clare, to come down and share some tips and give her expert advise.  

Council is a styling studio that gives women confidence everyday by styling things in their closet, shopping and finding key items needed for an event, everyday life and/or closet makeovers. As fashionably confident as I may be, I too will rely on Clare to give me the thumbs up or down of a particular outfit. I love to shop and get things on my own but sometimes it’s nice to have a second set of unbiased, objective eyes look into your closet. She makes the old, new again. I hope you enjoy today’s tutorials and welcome any feedbacks or suggestions.  


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