Besties and Comfortable Shoes

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Weekends are never long enough, especially when you spend them with people you love, but don’t get to see as often as you would like. I spent this past weekend with my best friend, Melissa. She is getting married (woohoo) and it was about that time for her engagement party.

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She and I met at Auburn University ( WAR DAMN EAGLE) and have been inseparable since. We have the kind of friendship that doesn’t come around often and not many people have. We know EVERYTHING about each other and are STILL friends. Hahaha. We can be completely honest and understand it comes from a good place. Whenever we are together we have nothing but belly laughs leaving us completly sore when we have to say goodbye. I mean we laugh at the stupidest things. I am laughing right now typing this but batting my eyes at the same time because I’m tired from our late night chit chats catching up. Simply put, there are some friendships that weekends are too short for!

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Melissa has ALWAYS been there for me. Last time she came to visit, she pulled down the driveway and John said “You’re sister is here”. And he’s right. She’s more like my sister than my friend. I can’t imagine my life without her. So this weekend I got in the car and drove to EUTAW (that’s right) Eutaw, Alabama. It’s a little ole town right outside of Tuscalooser, excuse me, Tuscaloosa.  Haha!

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I remember when she first told me where she was from and I was like “Where?” But I’m here to tell you this place has some of the most amazing people. And maybe I’m just biased. Melissa’s family are probably my favorite people ever.


Not only do they make you feel welcome, but they know how to belly laugh too. I have gotten to know Melissa’s family from countless beach trips in college and after to Auburn games including the National Championship with her dad and brother. Nothing but good times with laid back people.

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I felt compelled to write about Melissa after this weekend because she is about to enter into another stage in her life and it made me realize all the things we have been through and the different stages of our lives we have shared. I wanted everyone to know how important having a friendship like ours is. It gets you through the nitty gritty. The older we get, the more life throws our way right?



I’m glad to have you by my side Melis and I’m honored to be by your side on your big day.


I love you to the moon and back and then back again.

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No weekend is complete without SHOES. Before I left, no lie, Melissa called and said do not show up without shoes because she needed some for her honeymoon. Since she will be traveling to Italy, she wanted comfy ones. With that in mind, I brought her a pair of Sabrinas (which if you don’t know about this brand you have some catching up to do) and the Gigi by Sam Edelman. The Gigi is not only comfortable, but goes with ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING in your closet. It has been Sam Edelman’s staple for the past 3 summers and one of our best sellers.


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If you are new to the Sabrina cult, let me first welcome you and second, say get ready to live. These are like temperpedic on your feet. They were designed for women with feet problems with built-in Nordic shock system and come up higher on your foot to cover those bunions. Don’t be embarrassed; that‘s why shoes were made, to make the unfancy, fancy. I will say with Sabrinas, the buyer chooses the leathers and colors so you may not be able to find the same shoe somewhere else (You go trendsetter).

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So see – you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. (I am repeating this in my head over and over. LOL) If you want to give one of these a go, visit my website or I would love to talk to you so comment or call the store (706.653.9800). If it’s one thing I love to do, it’s to talk shoes!


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