An Exception to the Mule

A lot of girls take the finer things in life for granted, but you, hard-working and generous, are an exception to the mule.


“This beaded glass mule was inspired by Cinderella’s slipper, a perfect for her alone.

Fervently individualistic, you favor one-of-a-kind objects and made-to-order luxuries.

You’re no diva, though. As hardworking as Cinderella herself, you understand the power of paying your dues and may have weathered a few ‘wicked stepsisters’ in your day. In spite of that, you have never become bitter.

Like the mule’s delicate white silk, your optimistic outlook remains unsullied by any hardships you weather.

Your loving spirit is pure and radiant, which is why, inevitably, your prince will come.”

Don’t wait until the clock strikes midnight to find your perfect slipper at Pursona!


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