Re-wear and Contrast

Twisted sister, get the juxtaposition you crave when you purchase the perfect pair of shoes to re-wear and contrast time and time again!


“Opposites attract: a principle you understand well. You are drawn to all things otherworldly and unusual, as there’s just so much more to discover in the contrasts between the shadows and the light.

The sinuous black straps of this wedge sandal create a striking juxtaposition to its clear, wedge heel.

An intrepid sleuth, you are keen to explore both the dark and the light side of life.

Although you don’t trust easily, you crave closeness and will search the world to find your soulmate. Like the shoe’s snug elastic bands, you will happily twine yourself into a shared life until you’re not sure where you begin and the other person ends.”

Create the perfect contrast today at Pursona!


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