Innovative Sole

Resourceful and crafty, you always know how to create and rock any unique outfit with your innovative sole.


“This pump is a relie of 1938, the year of a major economic crash. Since money was scarce, people had to stretch their imaginations and create innovative solutions for everyday needs.

With your resourceful brand of genius, you know how to turn blasé into brilliant.

The austere brown-and-white body of this shoe does not tell its entire story. Resting upon a gold-dipped heel, it bursts into a garden of blossoms at the toe.

You’re well aware that appearances can be deceiving.

Not one to give up without a thorough investigation, you’ll mine for the gem in any situation, dreaming up awe-inspiring alternatives that defy probability.”

It’s time to formulate your next look at Pursona, DIY girl!


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