Color For Every Season

Some colors linger while others are continually reinvented through each season because their absence is simply too great to bear. While the Pantone color for fall has been the long announced, Emerald, many reports hint fab hues of deep reds and plum will share the stage. Have you realized yet jewel tones will shine with us again this year?

Pat on the back to Pantone for such reliable predictions. Monaco Blue, yellow, mint and neons were big this past Spring/Summer. Much to our always-pleased surprise, the stark black and white color contrast as well as neutral tones made an appearance too!

Even though dark blues and grays will dominate winter closets mainly due to colder weather, be sure to heat up your look with seasonally approved brights like maroon, deep red, purple and teal!

Pursona School of Fashion Test (see answers below image)

1. What color should you acquire serious inventory in?

2. What colors are okay to invest in since they will be around for awhile?

colors for every season

1. Deep Red 2. Purple, maroon and teal

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