How to Pack a Day Bag

The knowledge of packing a good day bag is crucial for summer travelers, college students and anyone who is going to be on-the-go, away from home for long periods of time.

First you need a bag with a classic style and pop of color to punch up any outfit you’re wearing. We’ve suggested this one.

Meeting friends for dinner later or just want to stash that tube of lipstick that always goes MIA? Stash smaller items in you’re go-to pouch that will double as a clutch for a quick bite or errand in a store.

Next we highly recommend a lightweight sweater for indoor, chilly classrooms or restaurants.

Since you will want to be comfortable in your everyday flats or sandals for the majority of the day, a good wedge and statement necklace is nice to throw on for that one important meeting in the midst of your busy day.

And now that your scheduled activities have come to a close, you would like to lounge at your local park and peruse emails or read a book right? For this we suggest your favorite pair of sunnies, tablet reader device and a stain proof scarf to sit on.

how to pack a day bag 



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