How to Walk in Heels

Let’s face it, heels are a love/hate relationship for many women. A lady’s walk is more eloquent, they elongate the heels and do something no other accessory can to her sheer confidence. But rising to such heights can be painful and wreak havoc on your feet, legs and body. Dr Emily Splichal has been in your shoes and took it a step further…she wrote a book about it, Every Day is Your Runway.

“Our feet are the foundation of our body, yet we often take them for granted. While we frequently indulge in pedicures, laser hair removal, and other things that make our feet and legs look their best, we also neglect them by standing and walking incorrectly in sky high heels. Isn’t it time you gave your feet and leg the care – and respect that they deserve? Every Day Is Your Runway: A Shoe Lover’s Guide to Healthy Feet and Legs is your complete guide to beauty and wellness from your low back all the down to the tips of your toes. Dr Emily will teach you unparalleled care techniques for the feet and legs before, during and after a long day in high heels. Learn the secrets behind her Catwalk Confidence Workout, Stiletto Recovery techniques and stiletto foot health. This fun and informative guide will ensure you look – and feel – fabulous while strutting your stuff….truly making Everyday Your Runway!” – Amazon book review

how to walk post


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