Dare to Wear

Last week I went to a luncheon at our local museum for an exciting sneak peek at the Dare to Wear exhibition arriving August 18, 2013 and will run through December 8, 2013. Not only am I believer in supporting your local arts, Pursona is always looking for fashion inspiration around every corner. I left the luncheon feeling more inspired than ever and am excited to share with you my experience.

dare to wear

“The exhibition will explore the intersection of artwork and body adornment. The artists and designers to be featured in the exhibition consider how the shape, form and scale of jewelry and garments relate to the body. The pieces are technically wearable, but given their sculptural quality, can be considered a bit radical for daily attire. The exhibit will include talented artists from across the United States, whose inspiration range from the love of fashion, history, women like Queen Elizabeth I, natural elements of fire, earth, water and air, to the grace of paper to sea creatures and plants.” –Columbus Museum

dare to wear

“The pieces are created from a variety of elements such as metal, set gemstones, felt, silver, repurposed rubber insulation, aluminum wiring and paper.” – Columbus Museum

For example, one piece I’m particularly excited to view in person is from The Paper Cut Project based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

paper cut project owl mask

“The artists transform these mediums into creative, untraditional works of art. Each artists’ individual passions are illustrated in their powerful designs resulting in edgy earrings, outrageous cuffs, rings, collars, wigs, gowns and other barely wearable pieces. The exhibit must be seen to appreciate the transformation of the ordinary to the sublime wearable art” – Columbus Museum

Not only do I share this with you today in hopes that any local or surrounding citizens of Columbus, GA come see the splendor that is before us and to support the museum but to also be inspired by your accessories. A piece of jewelry, handbag or shoe can be the magical touch to complete or solely make an ensemble. I personally even believe that accessories best define our sense of style and taste versus clothing because they allow you to be more custom and pair the color and shapes you prefer.


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