Closet Storage for Shoes & Accessories

Every room in the house is decorated and reflects your sense of style, why leave the closet feeling neglected? It is the easiest to beautify since your shoes, handbags and jewelry ARE the decoration and color!


All you need to get started is a bookcase so channel your inner style and get to work!


Fold sweaters or scarves into a colorful stack. Group clutches beside each other for easy viewing when selecting the right bag for the occasion.


You hunted for the perfect pump and worked hard to afford them – put those babies on display!


Arm candy is fun and even more exciting when stored in bowls and trinket dishes so you can weigh all your options and pile on your wrist in perfection.


Tear out a favorite look in a magazine and frame it for fashion inspiration when getting dressed in there!


Save pretty shoeboxes for storage and stack shoes on top to maximize space within the bookshelf.


Shoes placed on shelves is the best way to choose the best footwear for your outfit.


Grab some bowls to throw statement necklaces in and smaller ones for back-up buttons and emergency safety pins.


What do you think of our styling tips to dress up your closet and make accessorizing more functional? For more tips like this one, sign up for our monthly newsletter here.


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