Mix Master in 3 Easy Steps

Pattern play your heart out this spring with our 3 easy steps on how to do it without looking like a hot mess!

1. Mix two patterns not even remotely in the same family. See our animal print with navy and white stripe tee below.

leopard with stripes


2. Use any two patterns you desire as long as the color schemes of the two match or at least work together very well. Like this precious floral pattern that happens to have the same navy from the striped pants included.

floral with stripe fashion pattern play

3. Remember, one big and one small. Not only do the two patterns’ colors coordinate but the top is a smaller striped pattern and the skirt has a much larger, check pattern.

big check with small


If you are a beginner pattern mixer and want to play in the sandbox but not ready for the playground, start with accessories. They are smaller and naturally sit further apart from each other. It’s the safest way to begin if you ask us. We have put a few examples together from what we carry in the boutique right now.



Not only do the colors blend but we love a dot and animal print combo.


With neon tying the two patterns together here, the geometric shapes in the shoe are the larger size with the paint splattered clutch being a smaller, vibrant print.



Same family color, black and yellow but the vertical stripes of the shoe work nicely with the chevron stripes on the messenger bag’s front flap.

What do you think about our pattern combos? How do you like to put different prints together?


Thank you for the comment. I can't wait to read it personally and respond!

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