Accessory Philosophy

We have two philosophies that of course, surround accessories.

1)     An outfit is never complete without killer accessories

2)     Accessories can transform basic clothing

Just notice below how basic the outfit is and try to imagine them with some basic accessory versus the one we circled….hello!! It’s obvious. You can’t forget accessories girls.


“An outfit is never complete without killer accessories.” Okay, so this is an example of a girl with a fabulous closet but because she fails to understand the importance in good accessories, she fails to be magazine ready. Magazine ready is a term we use to define when you look like you just fell out of a magazine. You know the feeling – you get compliments from strangers, conquer the day with supreme confidence, walk a little taller that day and no obstacle can get in your way because your get up is just that good! The point here is, the accessories are the focal point.

“Accessories can transform basic clothing.” 1,247 times and counting. That’s the number of moments every girl has been defeated by the pile of clothes on the bed and tried on everything moments. This is where accessories should enter and be your best friend. Add a statement, colorful necklace to a black top and pants, pull your hair in a sophisticated bun and you just went from “I have nothing to wear” to a modern day Aubrey Hepburn.

What’s your favorite way to accessorize? Arm candy, fabulous bag, show stopping shoes?


Thank you for the comment. I can't wait to read it personally and respond!

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