Instant Slim Down

Apple pie, green bean casserole, sweet potato biscuits, stuffing with gravy & spiced ham can leave you feeling a little bloated. While the holiday food is scrumptious & everywhere you go this time of year, we understand the holidays are also when you want to look your best (runner up to the dreaded bathing suit season). And if you are anything like us, your self-control is lacking with all the yummy apps & desserts that would be simply rude to pass on. Since recommending a diet would be frowned upon, we thought some instant slimming fashion tips are in order.

1. Black tights & black shoes elongate the figure from head to toe.


2. Bare legs with shoes in a shade complimentary to your skin tone extend the legs all the way to the floor.

nude shoe

3. Color coordinate your shoes to your trousers and pair with a lighter or brighter top.

Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 10.40.18 PM

4. Keep the skirt length knee-length or higher.


image via

Use these 4 instant slim down tips when dressing this holiday season for parties. Have any tricks you use? From lovely to lovely, help a sister out…we’d love to hear from you!


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